Nic Araújo

Nic Araújo

Berlin (DE)

Nic Araújo, born in Osnabrück, Lower-Saxony, started playing guitar and drums at the age of 6. As he was growing and developing his creative soul, Nicolas founded several bands to evolve as a songwriter.

With an organic-instrumental background, he made his way to electronic music and started figuring out his inner intentions regarding sound and tone. A balanced mixture of analogue synths, organic instruments and sampled music represents the sound of Nic Araújo.

In 2015 he has released two EPs and Singles, which reflect his affinity for ambience and beauty. With “Somniloquy” he found his place at Moshbit Records. Since than he started focussing on pure electronic music and founded his own label / collective.

“Impulse” is the first electronic release of Nic Araújo, what provides 4 varied tools, including strong loops and wide ambience shaped rhythyms.

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