Reject & Valerio

Reject & Valerio

Melfi (IT)

Reject aka Irregular Subject from Melfi (Italy) is more than fifteen years in constant musical evolution. In his younger years his music journey leads him trough black metal, death metal, gothic and metal trash to techno music.

These influences will be used to approach to electronic music in a dark shape. You can hear a dark and straight sound in his vinyl only DJ sets passing though techno, detroit techno and old school techno.

Valerio worked these years on his production and mix skills next to Reject. After collecting Hip Hop and Rap vinyls for many years, his music way was straight lead to his techno passion.

In his DJ sets you can hear raw ranging sounds from industrial to techno.

Both artists complement each other with their different influences. The production of Reject & Valerio promise pure techno going forward.

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